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Roche Court

East Winterslow






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The Herd

This herd was founded in Castle Mary, Co. Cork in 1963 and transferred to Roche Court in 1979 becoming the first farm to establish a limousine herd in the British Isles.

When transferred the herd was enlarged and bloodlines from award winning herds incorporated.

Since that time to focus has always been based on producing quality pedigree breeding stock including Royal Show award winning bulls

We are a member of the British Limousin Society and since 2007 a member of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme

Under this scheme we are:

IBR Accredited free since 2007

BVD Accredited free since 2007

Lepto Accredited free since 2007

Johnes controlled

We are under a yearly TB test area and have never had the disease in the herd